How Often Should You Clean Your Air Ducts?

Air ducts are an important component of our homes, as they provide air renewal within the different rooms. Over time, these ducts may become dirty, and when this is the case, it is necessary to clean them.

Duct Cleaning Ottawa Experts : How the air ducts get dirty

Air in general contains a large quantity of micro-elements such as dust or microfibers, and these can be collected on specific surfaces when the conditions are met for this. Air circulating from outside the houses inwards also contains the same micro-elements, and after a few years they may be found in large quantities in the air ducts, which can Good air circulation. Air systems that have air filters are even more exposed to dirt, because before air enters the house, air passes through the filters, where dirt in the air is trapped.

Why should the ventilation ducts be cleaned according to NADCA

When the air ducts are not clean, there is a greater chance that the air than the occupants of the house in question will not be viable. Indeed, when dirt lining the inside of the air ducts, the air entering the rooms is more heavily contaminated with particles that are harmful to health. Microscopic fungi are the most hazardous to health, because when conditions are met, they can quickly multiply on the walls of your air ducts, and reach easily into your body by taking place in the air of rooms Of the house you occupy.

When should you clean the air ducts

Periodic inspection of the air ducts should be carried out to indicate if cleaning is not required. Cleaning is generally required at least every 5 years, but also the specific conditions for the house in question must be taken into account. For example, the environment in which the house is located is important, and it is often required to do a clean up over a shorter period in cities with high air pollution. Also, when the filters in your air ducts reach a certain level of dirt, it is a sign that a clean up of all of your air ducts is necessary.

Entrust the cleaning of your ducts to professionals

It is not advisable to clean your air ducts by yourself, as the quality of the work performed is not assured if you do so. A professional company usually has several years of experience in the field, and can afford to use the best tools and advanced techniques to properly clean your aeration system. Also, technicians who will clean your air ducts will be skilled enough to perform the work perfectly, and will perform maneuvers such as suction-friction-drive (SFP) to ensure the quality of the final work.

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