Air Conditioning Repair in Ottawa

When the temperature is unbearable, conditioners come in pretty handy, and thus we cannot imagine how we would survive without it. At Appliance Ottawa, we have the best technicians who will help you repair your air conditioner. Common faults include refrigerant leaks, overheating, sensor problems, drainage issues, electric control failure among many others. The technicians have been completely equipped with the right knowledge and tools to repair your air conditioner. Hiring a not qualified technician may worsen the problem, for example, we may decide to add a refrigerant to a system that is already full. At AC Repair Ottawa, such mistakes are avoided. The technicians know exactly what we are supposed to do and how we are supposed to do it. No matter the brand or the size of the air conditioners, our experts will always repair it and bring it up and run. If it is a problem that requires a spare part, be sure that the best parts that are compatible with your device will be used.

Air condition install in Ottawa, On

If you are also looking to change the air conditioner into a brand new one, we will also gladly help with the installation process. We provide the best installation package you can come across. Improper installation of an air conditioner may result to it not working. If an air conditioner was undercharged during installation, it might bring about the refrigerant leak. If proper refrigerant charging is not done during installation, the performance and efficiency of the unit are impaired. Another problem associated with improper installation is little air flow. It is clearly important to get an expert who will help you with the AC installation for it to run efficiently. Our technicians have been equipped with this knowledge and have enough experience in installing an air conditioner.

So what’s next for your AC?

Maintenance is a key aspect when you have an air conditioner, aside from the basic maintenance tips on the user manual or learned from the internet; you should at times consult the experts. If you need your air conditioning coils and filters cleaned, then you ought to give a call to the Appliance Repair Ottawa. If you let these parts become dirty, it may lead to improper failure. Routine maintenance will always ensure that the thermostat sensors are okay, condensate drain is not clogged, compressor and fan controls have not worn out and there is no refrigerant leak. Only an expert will capture these problems. If an issue is detected in its early stages, major problems may be averted.