When To Repair Your Dishwasher

The dishwasher is a device that makes life easier, especially in large families. From time to time, it may become defective, and when it comes to this, it’s not able to operate properly. You then are usually facing two choices: to repair it, or to purchase a new model.

How does a dishwasher work?

If some of us use a dishwasher on a daily basis, its functioning might remains a mystery for the most part. Basically, there are two main steps in the process of cleaning your dishes: the washing process and the drying one.
In the first step, soapy water is thrown onto the dirty dishes to clean them, and when it’s done, the dirty water is drained before the dishes are sprinkled with clear water for rinsing purpose. The drying cycle then comes, during which the water is transformed into steam and is detached from the dishes thus dried, and depending on the dishwasher model this vapor is condensed differently before being recovered in the form of water.

Possible causes of dishwasher failure

A dishwasher can break down for several reasons, and the causes of these different breakdowns are quite diverse. For example, blocked pipes can cause problems. This can affect the rotation of the dishwasher arms, which normally rotate thanks to water pressure. This can also cause other problems such as liquid reflux or unpleasant odors. Other problems, which are more serious, concern short circuits, which not only can cause damages to the dishwasher but also to your various electrical installations.

When to repair a dishwasher?

A repair of your dishwasher by a professional is necessary only when a serious breakdown occurs, such as a concern for electricity. For problems such as poor circulation of water, small maintenance actions of the device are sufficient. By periodically reviewing the condition of your dishwasher, you can avoid the occurrence of breakdowns that can quickly evolve into more serious worries and may even affect the integrity of your home, with short circuits that can lead to fires.

Repair or replace a dishwasher

It is advisable to call the services of a professional in case the breakdowns you face are above your skills. Handling it yourself can be risky, as if can you can’t solve the problem by yourself, you also can make things going from bad to worse. There are no such risks when you decide to approach a professional to take care of your dishwasher.
However, there are some situations where it is more prudent and less expensive to replace your dishwasher than to repair it. In general, these devices have a lifespan of 15 years, and you can use a device for this duration without problems, with the condition of doing maintenance periodically. If your dishwasher is not a new model, which you cannot identify the age, it may be best to look for a new model, depending on the nature of the breakdown.