How To Choose The Right Duct Cleaning Service

For daily operation of your air ducts, it is necessary to do their periodic maintenance. Care must be taken when choosing the professional company to which you entrust the task of cleaning your air ducts, as the good future of the cleaning depends directly on this choice.

Request proof of existence

It is currently easy for anyone to pretend to be a business on the internet; Just find a credible business name, create a website and voila. Their goal is simple: to rip off people by making them pay in advance for a service that they will not even really do. However, it is also easy to unmask people who try to pretend to air duct cleaning companies.
For example, you can ask for papers related to their insurance or those of their employees. If a real cleaning company will have no problem running, a fake company will reluctant to do so. In addition, you risk big if you let an unregulated company do work at home, especially in the event that a person without insurance hurts in your home.

Check the reputation of the company

The reputation of an air duct cleaning company is a good indicator of its quality. Thus, the longer a business thrives in a locality for a long time, the more you are advised to approach it to entrust your work to clean air ducts.
When you list the companies that offer this type of services in order to choose one, go on the Internet to explore the different opinions collected by these companies to Internet users. This is a way of knowing if the company has been able to take charge of the projects that its clients have entrusted to it in the past.

How you are supported

Professional companies always stand out for their excellent communication skills with their clients. In order to carry out your project to clean your air ducts, you will be asked a specific number of questions, to identify exactly what your needs are, and to offer you the service that best suits your personal situation. If a company does not seem to care about the exact nature of your needs, it may be a scam.

Request a professional quotation

A professional quote for cleaning your air ducts should be detailed as much as possible. You have to be careful not to be seduced by quotes with very low and unrealistic prices, and if you are offered an excessively low price for the service you ask, you will have to ask about the company that offers. To get an idea, air duct cleaning costs between $ 400 and $ 1000, and if you are offered less than that, chances are it is not done by professionals.

How Often Should You Clean Your Air Ducts?

Air ducts are an important component of our homes, as they provide air renewal within the different rooms. Over time, these ducts may become dirty, and when this is the case, it is necessary to clean them.

Duct Cleaning Ottawa Experts : How the air ducts get dirty

Air in general contains a large quantity of micro-elements such as dust or microfibers, and these can be collected on specific surfaces when the conditions are met for this. Air circulating from outside the houses inwards also contains the same micro-elements, and after a few years they may be found in large quantities in the air ducts, which can Good air circulation. Air systems that have air filters are even more exposed to dirt, because before air enters the house, air passes through the filters, where dirt in the air is trapped.

Why should the ventilation ducts be cleaned according to NADCA

When the air ducts are not clean, there is a greater chance that the air than the occupants of the house in question will not be viable. Indeed, when dirt lining the inside of the air ducts, the air entering the rooms is more heavily contaminated with particles that are harmful to health. Microscopic fungi are the most hazardous to health, because when conditions are met, they can quickly multiply on the walls of your air ducts, and reach easily into your body by taking place in the air of rooms Of the house you occupy.

When should you clean the air ducts

Periodic inspection of the air ducts should be carried out to indicate if cleaning is not required. Cleaning is generally required at least every 5 years, but also the specific conditions for the house in question must be taken into account. For example, the environment in which the house is located is important, and it is often required to do a clean up over a shorter period in cities with high air pollution. Also, when the filters in your air ducts reach a certain level of dirt, it is a sign that a clean up of all of your air ducts is necessary.

Entrust the cleaning of your ducts to professionals

It is not advisable to clean your air ducts by yourself, as the quality of the work performed is not assured if you do so. A professional company usually has several years of experience in the field, and can afford to use the best tools and advanced techniques to properly clean your aeration system. Also, technicians who will clean your air ducts will be skilled enough to perform the work perfectly, and will perform maneuvers such as suction-friction-drive (SFP) to ensure the quality of the final work.

What Is Duct Cleaning?

A house usually has a ventilation system that allows the air to be renewed efficiently in the rooms. The air ducts that make up this ventilation system are exposed to dirt which can accumulate in them and which in the long term make it necessary to clean them.

Operation of an air duct

An air duct is generally a 10 to 20 cm wide pipe, made apparent or not, which allows the circulation of the air between the outside and the inside of a house. Depending on the parameters of the latter, such as its level of insulation, the material which composes it, etc., its use has various advantages and disadvantages. Often a filter is added to an air duct to increase its efficiency and to improve the quality of the air circulating through it. You can choose air ducts in shapes and materials of your choice based on your aesthetic tastes.

How the air ducts get dirty

The air carries with it several microscopic elements, which have different origins; Thus, in the air, dust, particles fibers, or gas residues are found. In an air duct, it is not uncommon for these various small elements to condense over time, and can cause significant obstruction of the air in extreme cases. The conditions for an air duct to become soiled also vary according to environmental conditions. The places where there is little dust raising in general and where the air is thus less charged are less exposed to the problem of dirt accumulation in the air ducts, whereas it is the reverse In areas with a high rate of air pollution.

How do you clean air ducts?

It is not feasible for an individual to do an effective cleaning of his air ducts because he does not have the necessary equipment to do this. Indeed, the air ducts are generally pipes several meters long, and the interior of these is difficult to access. The use of tools such as rotating brushes and air nozzles is an effective way to get rid of the various clusters of dust and debris that may have accumulated along the ducts.
This type of equipment is generally not accessible to the general public and that is why it is necessary to call upon a professional company. One of the effective methods that are used is suction-friction-pulse or SFP. Depending on the size of your ventilation system, the type of debris that congested your air ducts and the steps required for cleaning, the final invoice may be higher or lower.