What Is Duct Cleaning?

A house usually has a ventilation system that allows the air to be renewed efficiently in the rooms. The air ducts that make up this ventilation system are exposed to dirt which can accumulate in them and which in the long term make it necessary to clean them.

Operation of an air duct

An air duct is generally a 10 to 20 cm wide pipe, made apparent or not, which allows the circulation of the air between the outside and the inside of a house. Depending on the parameters of the latter, such as its level of insulation, the material which composes it, etc., its use has various advantages and disadvantages. Often a filter is added to an air duct to increase its efficiency and to improve the quality of the air circulating through it. You can choose air ducts in shapes and materials of your choice based on your aesthetic tastes.

How the air ducts get dirty

The air carries with it several microscopic elements, which have different origins; Thus, in the air, dust, particles fibers, or gas residues are found. In an air duct, it is not uncommon for these various small elements to condense over time, and can cause significant obstruction of the air in extreme cases. The conditions for an air duct to become soiled also vary according to environmental conditions. The places where there is little dust raising in general and where the air is thus less charged are less exposed to the problem of dirt accumulation in the air ducts, whereas it is the reverse In areas with a high rate of air pollution.

How do you clean air ducts?

It is not feasible for an individual to do an effective cleaning of his air ducts because he does not have the necessary equipment to do this. Indeed, the air ducts are generally pipes several meters long, and the interior of these is difficult to access. The use of tools such as rotating brushes and air nozzles is an effective way to get rid of the various clusters of dust and debris that may have accumulated along the ducts.
This type of equipment is generally not accessible to the general public and that is why it is necessary to call upon a professional company. One of the effective methods that are used is suction-friction-pulse or SFP. Depending on the size of your ventilation system, the type of debris that congested your air ducts and the steps required for cleaning, the final invoice may be higher or lower.