Appliance repair service in Gloucester

Appliance repair Gloucester services all the appliances in the Gloucester region. We are there to ensure your life is made so much easier, safe and comfortable as much as possible. The latter is achieved by making sure that all the home appliances are repaired in case we run faulty and maintenance service to prevent a breakdown of these appliances. Aside from repair and maintenance, we also gave advice on the best equipment to use with the least power consumption. The technicians have extensive knowledge as well as skill on all home appliances. With just a single visit we will ensure that whatever you needed to be fixed has been fixed and the results will be terrific.

Territory we cover in Gloucester Appliance Repair

We cover the entire region of Gloucester and its surrounding neighbors providing services with utmost professionalism and expertise. Gloucester is just a few minutes’ drive from Ottawa, and sometimes the technicians have to come all the way from Ottawa just to ensure you get the treatment you deserve at the shortest time possible. Appliance Repair Gloucester and Appliance Repair Ottawa have to work together to make sure that all their clients get the services we are looking for.

If you in Gloucester and your fridge have malfunctioned, your AC is not functioning as required among so many other major appliance issues then  Appliance Repair Gloucester is the people you should entrust with your appliance. Their contact number is 613-482-0435. An alternative option is filling out your number, phone, name region and a message on the appliance that is defective. A customer care agent will soon contact you to clarify the details before the experts are sent over to your place. Appliance Repair Gloucester also does provide installation services. If you want help installing your new electric stove, washing machines, and other appliances, we will always be ready to give a helping hand.