We cover large Ottawa Surrounding Region

Ottawa Appliance Repair team has grown extensively over the years. We have become the leading company in offering repair, maintenance, and installation services to residents living in Canada's capital and its environs . Their growth is highly attributed to the fact that we work diligently, loyal to their customers and portray utmost professionalism in their line of duty. Not only do we now service residents in Ottawa but we also do service people from other regions. Such regions include downtown Ottawa, Katana, Nepean, Gloucester, Orleans among other areas. Ottawa being the central point that is where their headquarters is based. Other outlets have been established little by little to ensure Appliance Ottawa renders it services to most people. Where outlets are not available, we do schedule location visits where we are available for an entire day to offer their top notch services.

Ottawa, Ontario, We Got You Covered

The contact information for these regions is just the same as given above but also some specific contacts have been provided for the different regions. The information is available on their official website. If you have any problem with your appliance all you need to do is give them a call and give details of your location. It is not fair for you to carry your dryer, washing machine or even a refrigerator all the way to Ottawa. Some of these appliances are inbuilt. This will be the utmost inconvenience for the customers. With these in mind, we always come to you. There is always a track on standby with all the necessary tools and technicians that will help. At times a track is not available but an appointment is made and a date and time are set so that you will know when to expect the technicians. Most of the regions are just a couple of minutes’ drive from Ottawa.

Regions we cover