Washer Repair Ottawa - Your Expert

We have repaired washers in the Ottawa region for quite a while now. We are a team of proud professionals and we know how to get the work done effectively. Call us and washer repair Ottawa will take care of you today. 

It is key for our team to understand your problem. This is why our receptionist is highly trained to answer any of your problems at any time. It is our mission to offer you the very best every time.

A washer can be broken for multiple reasons. This is why the very first step if to pose a relevant diagnostic of the situation.
Our process is straight forward. You call us, we see if the problem can be fixed by you easily (without any charge of course) and if not, we schedule an appointment where a trained technician comes to your location and solves the problem.
We make sure that our work is great. This is why we install highly reliable parts in your broken appliance. There is no hidden cost, we tell you the price before we do anything.